Having contact rugby taken away from you through age or injury has a massive impact on physical and mental well-being.  YOGITS is an over 35s touch rugby club, based in Ystradgynlais. The aim of the club is provide regular, participative rugby and provide a new opportunity to be part of a team again in an inclusive environment – to put back a little to what had been lost to age and/or injury!

Established in late 2017, we now have over 50 team members and 30+ regular players. Ages range from mid 30s to over 60s!

  • 30+ people who get huge rewards for practicing the sport they love even though the original route was closed to them
  • 30+ people who have found a release that gyms, the road and lycra cannot provide
  • 30+ people who run, fall, laugh and smile every Thursday evening for an hour with people they know and people they never met before and have become new friends
  • 30+ people who, now connected, will help each other if needed in personal matters or in some cases business matters.

We provide a weekly opportunity for our team members to meet, play some rugby and feel part of something and re-connect with rugby. We are also proud to have inspired other veterans touch rugby clubs in Chepstow, Risca and Rhondda and very much hope to inspire further clubs in Wales and beyond in the coming years!

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More About YOGITS

There is a wide range of playing abilities.

We offer a weekly opportunity for members to continue playing rugby in an enjoyable,  non-pressured manner to prove that age is no barrier. There is a wide range of playing abilities. We have representations from all of the rugby clubs from the Upper Swansea Valley and beyond. The emphasis being on participation rather than competition. Our range of players include those still playing rugby in their sixtieth year!

Members have welcomed the physical and mental health benefits that participative touch rugby has provided. Proving that it’s about more than rugby, new friendships have been made, weekly meet ups at the club have provided an excellent sense of belonging and community that the sport brings.

The club has are also set up links Ystradgynlais Mind to promote the preventative health care that the club brings and support Mental Health First Aid Initiatives in the Swansea Valley and beyond.


Our aim is to grow the club. To be fully inclusive, to promote wellness, wellbeing and improve mental health. To have fun and to extend the amazing game of rugby to people of any age. We are also working with Freedom Leisure in Ystradgynlais to re-launch a Walking Touch Rugby Club to extend our age range even further.

In 2021, we have the following aims:

  • Continue to build the local club to assist the mental and physical well being of over 35s in the Ystradgynlais area and beyond. We hope to develop links to local GPs for referrals and also Freedom Leisure to assist with physical and mental health benefits
  • Inspire other clubs throughout Wales to assist provide similar benefits in their local communities – there is already a club in Chepstow and plans to set one up in RCT. Friendly fixtures are already in the pipeline; and
  • Continue to develop the social aspects and provide a focal point for men and women to meet and provide a forum to build a supportive network.

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