Everyone is good at something and sometimes you just need who to ask. If a YOGIT or our community needs help with something, it is great to know who to call on to assist. One of the aims of YOGITS is to help facilitate new friendships, including business relationships.

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Chris Northey | The Northey Lights

The Northey Lights Independent Lighting Showroom Visit The Northey Lights and be amazed by an exquisite and stunning selection of unique modern and vintage lighting The Northey Lights Coffee Lounge Situated on the Fendrod lake - pop in for a latte or a bite to eat and walk around the lake. Website: Email: [...]

Mike Lewis | PiliPala IT

A total digital one stop service business. Website development, hosting and design. logo Design and business cards. Graphic and illustrations. IT help in office, remote and person. Website: Email: Phone & Whatsapp: 07926 862057